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Mandarin for Teenagers

Is your teenager motivated to learn Mandarin from scratch, or is your teenager falling behind in their Chinese class at school, or is your student preparing for the AP exam? We are here to help teenagers at all levels to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

We have developed an engaging and effective beginner curriculum for teenagers with zero or limited Chinese experience. With our unique learning method, students with no previous exposure to Mandarin can start to comprehend and speak long sentences, and can have a variety of daily conversations in 30 to 50 hours of tutoring.

There are teenagers who came to us with a specific learning goal, like getting ready for the Chinese class in high school, catching up with the Chinese class at school, or studying for the AP Chinese exam. We communicate with both the parents and the teenager to understand not only the learning experience, challenges and goals, but also the teenager's personality and learning style. We customize the study plan and find the best matching tutor for your child.

Our online Mandarin tutors for teenagers are pre-selected and well trained with an understanding of the teen psychology. They are amazing communicators and with great Mandarin Chinese language teaching skills.

All of our teenagers and their parents have given great feedback about our classes. The students usually received full scores on their quizzes and Chinese becomes the easiest subject in school.

We also offer Chinese tutoring for younger Kids.