Traditional Chinese Temple

High School Chinese Tutoring

Oftentimes, when learning Chinese in a group class, students don't get the opportunity to practice pronunciation, and some teenagers are too shy to ask questions or they just don't know what to ask. Having difficulty following the lecture and getting bad scores in quizzes, the students become frustrated and scared of their Chinese class.

At KellynKai, we listen to our students and develop a plan to help with their highest priority needs. If students have problems with speaking and memorizing sentences, it is likely that they don't yet understand how Chinese works on a fundamental level.

Teenagers have a great ability to understand and absorb new information when clearly explained. They don't always ask why, but their learning will become so efficient when they know why. We explain to our high school students the sound, the written radicals, the multiple meanings of one word, how to use a word in a sentence, how the Chinese sentence structure is different from English, and much more. Teenagers have excellent memory and they remember the material so quickly once they understand it. We equipped our students with the skills to analyze and memorize new words and sentences effortlessly.

We have personalized our curriculum and syllabus for each high school student based on the Mandarin language program and school textbook.

We care about our students' feelings and we value their feedback. We respect their learning style and personality. We will help them build confidence in Chinese.

Still in middle school? We also have classes to help students Prepare for High School Chinese.