Tiananmen in China

Prepare for High School Chinese

If your student is planning to take Chinese in high school but the only Chinese words they know are “Hello” and “Thank you”, then you have come to the right place.

We have a curriculum to help middle school students from non-Chinese speaking families prepare for high school Chinese class. We teach students the basics of Mandarin language and the skills to learn it efficiently.

Based on the textbook the student will be using, we customize the conversation topics and vocabulary list. We have worked with students from most of the middle and high schools in the Peninsula, the Sound Bay, the North Bay, and the East Bay. We are experts in the Chinese language programs, the curriculum, the textbooks and the syllabus in various schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We want to make sure that your student is fully confident with their future high school Chinese class.

If your student is already in High School, we also offer High School Level tutoring