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Mandarin for Kids

We strive to make our online Mandarin classes fun, engaging and effective. Children in our KellynKai online Mandarin school learn fast because of our unique curriculum and learning method is specifically designed for children who don't have a Chinese language immersion background. We don't frustrate our students with boring memorization or tedious homework. We want the kids to make the most of their time during class.

Our beginner online Mandarin classes are usually taught in English. Over the years we have collected great feedback from students and parents, and we are making every effort to design our online Mandarin courses to be easy to follow by comparing the English and the Chinese languages. Children develop their English academic vocabulary and comprehension tremendously throughout the first two years in elementary school. Following our structured curriculum, kids after second grade can utilize their comprehension skills to analyse and understand sentences in Mandarin. Once your child understands the foundation of the Mandarin language, they will not become frustrated or confused when learning this very different language, and will embrace it and enjoy learning it.

All of our tutors are pre-qualified and well trained. We make sure that our Online Mandarin Tutors for Children are not only good at the Mandarin language, but also are patient and friendly communicators who enjoy teaching children.

With 50 hours of one-to-one tutoring over 7 to 14 months and 1 hour per week self study using our supplement Flashcard App, children aged 8 to 12 can usually reach the level of conduct basic conversations in daily life, for example, introducing themselves and others, talking about family and school, inviting friends, saying numbers, age, time, day, and date, asking for help, permission, and opinions, and making comments. Students will learn to read and type the Chinese characters, while learning to speak.

We also offer Chinese tutoring for Teenagers.