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About Kellynkai Corporation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable people to communicate globally and bring more peace to the world. Our technology platform makes it convenient and easy for people to gain mutual understanding of language and culture.

Student Testimonial

Alice Xie

We are proud to be the leading online learning platform that focuses on tutoring Mandarin Chinese language and culture for individuals and companies. We work hard to help our students to communicate fluently in Chinese, to be immersed in Chinese culture, and to become global citizens.

KellynKai believes in the power of technology. With a software development team in Silicon Valley, we have created a web-based classroom, a world wide scheduling system with class reminders, an on-demand class feature, and a mobile flashcard app with personalized vocabulary.

We are a passion-driven company whose values include treating students and tutors like family, maintaining close communication to understand our students' needs, and overachieving to exceed our students' goals.

Crystal Zhu, Founder of KellynKai

Crystal Zhu, founder of KellynKai

Crystal Zhu is the founder and CEO of KellynKai Corporation. Crystal grew up in China and immigrated to the United States on a full scholarship when she was 21. After living in Wyoming, Illinois, and Texas, Crystal settled in Santa Clara, CA. Owing her passion as a curriculum writer and a Chinese language and cultural educator, Crystal founded KellynKai in 2019 in Silicon Valley.

Crystal and KellynKai have developed a unique approach to effective and convenient Chinese learning. As the CEO of KellynKai, Crystal is responsible for designing each student's learning strategy and study plan. Crystal has helped students of various backgrounds from ages 3 to 78 to build their confidence in learning Chinese and has helped them exceed their goals.

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