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Mandarin for Adults

Student Testimonial

Dr. Andrew Scheuermann
Dr. Andrew Scheuermann
CEO and Co-Founder of Arch Systems

No matter if you have no Mandarin learning experience, or if you have learnt Mandarin but are facing some learning challenges, or you want to improve your Mandarin with a specific goal, we have a plan for you.

We have developed an easy-to-follow and effective curriculum for adult students who have no Chinese background. Our online Beginner Mandarin Chinese Class for Adults is taught in English. With our one-to-one sound training, you will be able to pronounce and hear all the sounds and tones accurately in Mandarin, like a child. Within 30 to 50 hours of tutoring over 6 to 12 months and 1 hour per week self studying using our supplement Flashcard Mobile App, adult students can conduct conversations in daily life in topics including but not limited to making introductions of themselves, families and friends, saying numbers, date and time, asking friends out for food and drinks, going shopping, asking for permission and help, and asking and sharing opinions.

Some students came to us with a specific learning goal or a challenge, like preparing for a trip to China, meeting a Chinese client or partner, interviewing for a Chinese company, or studying for a Chinese language or culture test. We customize study plans based on your background, available time, and goals.

All of our online Mandarin tutors for adults are pre-qualified and well trained for teaching adults and making Mandarin learning fun and efficient. Our Instructor Team and Curriculum Team work closely together to execute the study plan on your preferred schedule to achieve your goals within your time period.

We have helped numerous clients to reach beyond their expectations for either personal or work goals, and we are happy that they enjoyed the experience.

Looking to help your child with Chinese? We also offer Chinese tutoring for Kids and Teenagers.