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Best Chinese Tutoring Service in San Francisco, CA

Based in Silicon Valley, KellynKai offers high quality online private Mandarin lessons to students in the San Francisco Bay Area. We customize the Chinese learning plans to serve the various needs of students of different backgrounds and goals.

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San Francisco Effective Mandarin Tutoring Service

If you have attended a typical traditional Chinese school, you'll find that KellynKai's tutoring program is much better. Lessons and schedules are personalized, whereas in traditional schools with large classes, students often fall behind. At KellynKai, students can schedule tutoring sessions at their convenience and can take lessons that are appropriate for their skill level. Learning Chinese could not be easier. Students no longer have to cancel other plans to attend Chinese classes that have a rigid schedule. With KellynKai's online classroom, students can freely customize, schedule and take their lessons any time, anywhere.

With KellynKai, you don't need to carry heavy textbooks, nor do you have to follow old fashioned material such as those used in traditional Chinese schools. Lessons are completely web-based, so you can access all the material with one click. The topics that the Mandarin tutors cover in the classes are tailored according to your personal interests and needs.

KellynKai tutors are committed to the success of their students. Tutors offer one-on-one private lessons so that students can enjoy a high-quality personalized program. This private tutoring program allows our students to learn Chinese online in a more effective manner. Moreover, KellynKai tutors are high quality and very professional to ensure the highest standard of service.