Chinese Mandarin Immersion Class

KellynKai Chinese Immersion Program

Would you like to be fully immersed in the Chinese language?

KellynKai is now offering our excellent Chinese tutoring program taught entirely in Mandarin. This immersion program is for students who want to take their Chinese understanding to a new level. Like our other programs, we ensure the highest quality tutoring for this immersion program. All of the KellynKai tools, including our flashcard and classroom apps will be provided, which have been used to effectively teach students at many Mandarin levels.

This program is an excellent choice for students who speak Mandarin and want to become fluent. If you are a parent that would like your children to be immersed in Chinese, this is a perfect option.

If your child was enrolled in a Chinese immersion program that was discontinued, this is a perfect choice to resume their immersion curriculum. The KellynKai Chinese Immersion program is an online one-to-one solution that is completely flexible to your students' schedule. KellynKai uses the same curriculum that Chinese immersion schools use; therefore, your student will be able to continue their education online.

This program is also a good option for students already in a Chinese immersion school. The KellynKai Chinese Immersion program will help your student to improve to become top of their class. Our tutors are effective, efficient, and excellent Chinese instructors. Our KellynKai apps will help your student to reinforce everything they learn during their immersion lessons.

To summarize, KellynKai offers this Chinese immersion program for students looking to immerse themselves in the Chinese language and become fluent Mandarin speakers.

We also offer Beginner Chinese and Intermediate Chinese to help you get ready for the Chinese Immersion Program.