Traditional Chinese Building

Beginner Chinese

Have you already tried some lessons, books or podcasts to learn Chinese, but cannot follow?

The structured Beginner Mandarin Chinese course at KellynKai was designed for English speakers and is easy to follow, even if you have no Chinese background at all.

We will help you lay a solid Mandarin language foundation by teaching you pronunciation using the Chinese Pinyin system. With our Mandarin sound training, you will be able to hear and pronounce the sounds and tones accurately. This skill makes it more effective and efficient to expand your vocabulary, listen and speak at every Chinese language level.

Knowing Pinyin will enable you to type Chinese characters immediately, and the Pinyin Typing Method is the easiest Chinese character input method. Many of our students choose to learn to type instead of practicing writing Chinese characters, because students can achieve the same reading ability in a shorter time. And of course, you will be able to start sending text messages and email in Chinese. All the words and phrases you learn in the class will be added to your personal Flashcard account automatically.

Our curriculum not only teaches you to speak Mandarin, but also trains you to think in Chinese, starting from conversation 101. We start with reading, and break down sentences into individual words, and we help you to understand the sentence structure and how to use each single character, including the confusing prepositions and conjunctions. When you understand it, you can memorize it easily. Being able to think in Chinese is a skill to have if your goal is to become a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker.

In 30 to 50 hours of lessons over 6 to 14 months, students will start to conduct daily conversations, like going out with friends for drinks and food, asking for permission and help, sharing opinions, and talking about work, school and happiness.

After the beginner course, students can continue honing their skills with Intermediate Level tutoring.

For those just looking to learn Chinese for the purpose of visiting China, we also offer courses in Chinese Language and Culture that's sure to enhance your experience.