Tiannamen in China

Intermediate Chinese

Our live online one-to-one lessons effectively help Intermediate level students become advanced.

Whether your challenge is reading, speaking, conversation, grammar, vocabulary, tones, or if you are preparing for an Intermediate level test, we are here to offer the highest quality online courses to achieve your goal. Based on your language level and learning objective, we make custom textbooks for you. You will learn vocabulary and phrases that are the most relevant to you. Our mobile flashcard app is available for you to study your vocabulary, phrases and sentences on the go.

When you practice reading, we make sure that you understand each word and phrase in the sentence. We explain the grammar and sentence structure. If you would like to sound more native, we have sound training to perfect your pronunciation and tones. Following our method, you will start to think in Chinese and become fluent in Mandarin.

For students learning Chinese for the first time, KellynKai also supports Beginner Level tutoring. For students who are ready to take their Chinese to the next level, we offer an Immersion Program taught entirely in Mandarin.