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Why Learn Mandarin with KellynKai

Efficient, effective, engaging learning

Tutors. Our tutor acceptance rate is less than 5%. We interview each tutor candidate that passed our vetting. Not only do we evaluate the candidate's teaching experience and education background, but also their communication skills in both English and Mandarin, personality, attitude, and American and Chinese culture understanding. After joining us, tutors obtain comprehensive pre-job and on-job training. Our tutors work as a team, and students can easily work with multiple tutors.

Material. We have an experienced Curriculum Designing Team. Our beginner course is designed for English speakers with no Chinese background, and it has generated great success with numerous students, including one of our co-founders. In case of a personalized learning plan, our Curriculum Team works closely with our Tutor Team to deliver a seamless experience for you.

Efficiency. Our technology platform made it possible to connect what you learnt in the live class with your after-class studying tool to review your personalized vocabulary and phrases on the go.

Flexibility. Convenience is one of our core values, and you have the option to enjoy classes with flexible duration and request classes on-demand.

Peace of Mind. We want you to feel comfortable learning with us and we are confident with our quality, so you have a pay as you go payment option with us.

Focus. We are dedicated to building the best courses for learning Chinese, and we only teach Chinese.

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Interview & Train Tutors
Tutor Portability (Tutors work as a team)
Structured Material
Material Designed for English Speakers
Personalized Flashcards
Flexible Class Duration
On-demand Option
Pay As You Go Option
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