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How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese?

Designed for students who didn't grow up in an immersive Chinese environment, KellynKai offers the most time and cost efficient way to reach the goal of communicating in Chinese.

The following are estimated tutoring hours for an adult or a motivated child aged 8+ to achieve several learning goals using the KellynKai learning platform, based on 1 to 3 hours of tutoring per week and 1+ hour a week of self-study using the KellynKai Flashcard App.

Goal 1: Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese

Pronounce and hear all sounds and tones accurately in Mandarin; speak, read and type 100 most common words; greet; make a basic introduction of yourself with your name, home, family, language and country; and talk about simple foods.

10 hours of tutoring.

Goal 2: Conduct general conversations in daily life

Greet, introduce yourself and others, talk about family, speak numbers, date and time, ask people out for food or drinks, go shopping, ask for help, ask for permission, ask for opinions, talk about happiness.

30 to 40 hours of tutoring (after achieving Goal 1).

Goal 3: Manage most communication when travelling to China, or discussing school or work

20 to 40 hours of tutoring (after achieving Goal 2).

Goal 4: Discuss a wide range of topics in Chinese fluently

10 to 50 hours tutoring (after achieving Goal 3).

As students progress, they will acquire more and more self-study skills. We not only teach students the language, but also teach them effective methods for independent learning to reduce tutoring costs, reach learning goals faster, and achieve long-term success.