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Referral Program

Refer a student and get 3 FREE lessons and $100 credit NOW! The referred student gets one FREE Lesson in addition to the FREE trial lesson!

Do you know anyone who wants to learn Chinese?

If you are enjoying your experience with KellynKai or if you have heard good things about KellynKai, please let your friends know about our referral program!

How does it work?

Recommend your friends, family, neighbors, classmates or coworkers to study Chinese at KellynKai and you will get 3 FREE lessons plus $100 credit (toward a package purchase) for EACH student you refer*. The referred student will get 1 FREE lesson in addition to the FREE trial lesson*. (Note: You don't have to be a current student to refer).

Terms and Conditions

How do I refer?

Option 1: Connect your friends to your KellynKai Representative

Send an introductory email to your friend and copy your KellynKai Representative or

Option 2: Ask your friends to contact your KellynKai Representative

Share the email and phone number of your KellynKai Representative with your friend

Tell your friend that if they mention you they will get a FREE lesson when they purchase a package, in addition to the free trial lesson*

Option 3: Fill out the referral form below

Refer your friends, family, neighbors, classmates or coworkers now!