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How To Install Chinese Input

Writing is one of the essential activities for language learners, but writing Chinese characters with a pen or brush is notoriously difficult to master. Fortunately, technology makes it easy to enter Chinese characters using English characters and Pinyin on a computer or phone screen. To use Pinyin, you will need to install a Chinese keyboard on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Chromebooks. This guide explains how to do it.


  1. Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences, click Keyboard
  2. Select Input Sources
  3. MacOS Input Sources
  4. Click + button on the left
  5. Select "Chinese, Simplified", select Pinyin - Simplified
  6. MacOS Input Sources

It is recommended that you increase the font size. To do this navigate back to input sources. Select "Pinyin - Simplified". Now you can increase the font below the displayed keyboard. We recommend using a 24 font.

To start writing in Chinese you must switch between input types. This can be done at the top menu on the Mac display.

MacOS Chinese Input source, "Pinyin-Simplified"
Here's a video on how to install Chinese input and how to type Chinese on Mac:


  1. In the Cortana Search box, search "language" and select "Language Settings"
  2. Windows settings
  3. Click "Add a Language" and type "Chinese" in the pop up window. Then select "Chinese (Simplified, China)"
  4. Windows language settings, Chinese

Now that the language is installed here is how to get started writing in Chinese. Sometimes the language setting doesn't change and your keyboard needs to be swapped.

  1. On the task bar select ENG
  2. Windows task bar
  3. Then Select "Chinese (Simplified, China) Microsoft Pinyin"
  4. Windows task bar, Selecting Chinese input
  5. Now that the keyboard is switched it is possible to type in Chinese; however, it is still in English mode. To switch click the new option on the taskbar.
  6. Windows task bar with Chinese input
Here is a video guide to follow if you are having trouble installing Chinese input or typing Chinese on a Windows computer:


  1. Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
  2. iOS keyboard inputs
  3. Select "Add New Keyboard..." and type "Chinese"
  4. iOS keyboard inputs with Chinese input
  5. Select "Chinese, Simplified"
  6. Select "Pinyin - QWERTY" and click done
  7. To switch between keyboards click the button at the bottom of the keyboard when it pops up.
  8. iOS keyboard with Chinese input


  1. Click the time, at the bottom right
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Advanced > Languages and Inputs, on the left panel
  4. Select Inputs > Input Methods
  5. Scroll to "Chinese Simplified" and select it. Then press the blue "Add button"
  6. Go to "Manage Input Method" and select "Pinyin input method"
  7. After following this guide you are now prepared to type in Chinese. Good luck studying!